There are lots shopping sites are coming day by day due to the enhancement of technology. Shopping sites offer various discounts and deals in Christmas shopping season or on other occasions. Now, the question is why SEO is essential? Why is it necessary for online business? As you know competitors are continuously emerging in the marketplace and every company is offering the same product or services.

Due to technological innovation, companies require SEO and digital marketing experts to reach their company at boom. They perform all activities to enhance sale of online shopping sites. On various occasions, they offer discounts by declining the prices of products for rapid sales growth such as New Year deals or other promotion codes.

These deals and discounts work and enhance the sale but it is only for limited time period. Company can’t decline the prices of products for long term due to which there are chances of declining the worth of the product in the consumers mind. This technique is essential for only limited time period. It impact positively on company’s income and build the customers loyalty.

SEO is included in digital marketing. This is essential for every online business. This is become more prominent to enhance the online business. Lots of shopping sites makes the place in the market. They have all the team of digital marketing that actively doing the marketing activities for the promotion and growth of the business. Digital marketing becomes the great source of income as it provides employment to individuals. It is not only essential for company but it is essential for economy as well.

Lots of local retailers have built online presence by uploading shopping sites on internet. Through this way it exceeds their business from local market to international level. Due to online presence digital marketing has become prominent.


Search engine optimization means to optimize the site on search engine like Google or Bing. Through SEO techniques and tips, any site can easily reach at the top of search engine.  But this process is long term. As you know, every new business requires time to get the place in the market. Similarly it is also require time to include in the list of top ranking sites on search engine.

There are two basic SEO techniques- On the page SEO and off the page SEO. These two things are essential to reach the site at the top of search engine. If any online company has not do SEO so they can’t get success in this tough competition.

One the page SEO is keyword research and off the page is social media marketing, guest posting, email marketing and others through which traffic enhance indirectly by various sites. This traffic is called the organic traffic. It is effective for ranking of site in top sites of search engine.


Find the keyword in the website is the first necessary thing. After finding it put it on Google search one by one. After searching the one, put the next keyword. Limited keyword research can be done at a time. Don’t cross the Google limit so you will not be blacklist in ranking.


There are wide ranges of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. People almost use their spare time in their social media social circle and posted all of their daily activities. As when they see any eye-catching ad so attract to click and thus through this way, it enhance sale. Content and graphic of ad must be unique, persuasive and well designed.


Company collects huge ranges of email of target audience. Lots of innovative software has introduced due to which they collect emails easily for marketing purpose. After collection of emails marketing team send promotional emails

Company also collects emails through subscription of target audience. Time to time they email them and offer discount codes on occasional basis. Creative contents and graphics of mail along promotional back links to enhance traffic are essential.


Wide ranges of blog sites are present on internet. Digital marketing team collects huge ranges of sites and then post guest post on it. Guest post must be informative and creative. Creative writing is essential to attract the readers. If readers engage to read it then they click the link and purchase the product if they are interested to buy.

SEO articles have written by writer for guest posting. Techniques of using keyword are essential. These keywords are connected through the back link of the promoted company site. Thus, it enhances the traffic if any reader clicks the link on word. By traffic sales occurs and it enhance revenue of the business.

Some blog sites charge for guest posting on their sites but some posts articles free. They charge no money. These blogs earn by posting ads on their blogs. Some people only use social media sites for off the page SEO. But through guest posting on various sites generate huge traffic from distinct sources.

You can also share tips like Christmas shopping tips, Christmas shopping on a tight budget or any other useful beauty tips that are essential for people. This useful information creates the brand loyalty and maintains the long term relationship with consumers.

If anyone uses tricks to reach the sites at top in less so his site can move in the black list by Google. That is why carefully read the terms and conditions of Google before doing SEO of any site. It will reach at the top of search engine slowly by following the rules but it can’t black list. Thus it leads the site to appear on first page of search engine. It is the time taking process to appear in the top ranking of Google

Companies hire SEO professionals for the best ranking of their business site. Thus, these companies occupy the place in the top list of search engine. It is occupy the place in the consumers mind as well in this tough competition due to continuous promotion through digital marketing.

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